Tree Care & Maintenance

We undertake all aspects of Tree Surgery Practices with qualified Arborists with experience in this field and following the guidelines set out in BS3998. Lawrence Tree Services are a friendly and professional arboriculture company with a proven track record of providing high quality skilled tree services with environmentally conscious workmanship. With over 30 years experience in the field we provide a comprehensive range of tree surgery services to suit your needs working across Bristol, South Gloucestershire & beyond. We look forward to meeting with you and providing a friendly, professional and reliable service backed up with experience & helpful knowledge to assist with you & your trees.

Appropriate & correct pruning of trees is one of the most important parts of tree maintenance. Properly pruned trees require less physical support and also stand up to difficult environmental conditions. The look and life of a tree can be prolonged by correct pruning techniques. It is necessary to prune trees to increase light and space in your garden. It is also recommended to prune fruit trees for a better fruit harvest. Timings of this depends on the species of the tree.

Our tree care & maintenance services include:

Formative Tree Pruning

Formative pruning helps to train young, developing trees or shrubs to produce a framework of strong, evenly spaced stems or branches and many future structural problems can be rectified early on.

Tree Planting

When tree planting is required, we offer expert advice to ensure the correct size, location and variety of tree is selected for your environment.

Tree Crown Lifting

The removal of lower branches to clear paths and roads where access is required.

Tree Crown Reductions

Crown reduction is carried out where a tree has outgrown Its space. Reducing the height and/or spread of the crown through the removal the ends of branches whilst maintaining the trees natural shape.

Tree Crown Thinning & Deadwood Removal

The removal of weak and crossing branches to allow more light through the crown of the tree and increase stability. The removal of all dead and damaged branches out of the crown of the tree. This is carried out for safety reasons and also to enhance the overall appearance of the tree making it neat and tidy.


Pollarding is generally appropriate for trees which have been previously pollarded. It involves cutting back heavily to the knuckle, where the last previous pollard point was. It can be part of an ongoing maintenance plan for certain species of tree to ensure their future health and longevity. It is an effective way of keeping large trees, for example Willows, safe and under control.

Illustrations courtesy of European Arboricultural Council.